The life and hall of fame career of barry bonds

He averaged one home run every 2. Here is the record-breaking home run:

The life and hall of fame career of barry bonds

Consider, for a moment, just the numbers in the first paragraph of this story. Bonds is fourth all-time in the history of baseball. Yes, the entire sport. First place is Babe Ruth. It is, simply put, re-god-damn-diculous that the greatest slugger of all time is not in the place where great baseball players get bronze plaques.

Pete Rose and whatnot. Cheating and gambling and the sanctity of the game. Without rules this life is chaos, and the rules state that the Professional Baseball Writers Association of America decides who gets to go to Cooperstown. The writers, it seems, were never very fond of Barry Bonds. And using steroids in baseball has been declared a more serious a crime than in other sports, so Bonds is out.

It's as irresponsible to say that a player 'did it clean' as to say, without proof, that someone used PEDs. Because reporters can't know who was clean and who wasn't. You can only say 'He was never implicated' or 'He was never linked.

And then I realized that punishments for steroid use were entirely arbitrary, and the biases of sportswriters does not eliminate the greatness of Bonds.

Was he merely suspected of steroid use? Put him on the now-growing pile that will likely include game winner Roger Clemens, who is essentially the pitcher version of Bonds with regards to voting on the current ballot, too. Rose used to be the exception, a side show created out of penance for something rare.

His absence was a pregnant pause, a notable difference between the record books and those allowed inside the Hall itself. Oh, and by the way: The man who presided over the entire Steroid Era, Bud Selig? He was inducted into the Hall of Fame last year.

Alex Rodriguez will be the next big test of this Steroid Era prohibition. And maybe he will get in. Me, every single year: Baseball has created a place where those biases are essentially held sacred.

Bonds got caught and writers wanted an excuse to punish him in the first place. They have the power to do so, and so they will.

The life and hall of fame career of barry bonds

But at this point, there is an entire generation of adult baseball fans who were taught that using steroids and HGH in baseball is cheating when they were younger.

Now they barely care. The suspensions still come, but the hand-wringing is over.

The Baseball Hall Of Fame Is Broken, Maybe Permanently

Last season, Major Leaguers hit more home runs than ever before, a dinger increase over the previous year. Drugs were never considered the cause. In fact, everyone seemed to blame the balls.

Perhaps restricting those deserving enshrinement makes it somehow more American these days.

Adrian Beltre, Rangers

Maybe it adds to the proud tradition of exclusion in baseball, somehow as a good thing. But in its rigidity, it shows the flaws of not just the Hall of Fame, but baseball itself. It just shows how far the game still is behind reality, and the America that continues to wonder what the game has to offer those most dedicated to it.Yet again, neither Barry Bonds nor Roger Clemens earned enough votes to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Heading to Cooperstown as part of the class are Jeff Bagwell, Tim “Rock.


Barry Bonds's number 25 was retired by the San Francisco Giants in Besides holding Major League career records in home runs (), walks (2,), and intentional walks (), at the time of his retirement, Bonds also led all active players in RBI (1,), on-base percentage ), runs (2,), games (2,), extra-base hits (1,), at-bats per home run (), and total bases (5,).

Jan 22,  · Watch video · The most decorated candidate on the Hall of Fame ballot - seven-time MVP Barry Bonds - is also perhaps the most controversial. Barry Bonds, the greatest player of his generation and one of the greatest players to ever play baseball was denied entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame for the sixth straight season.

Barry Bonds had an unmatched baseball career, but his accomplishments were tainted by allegations of steroid usage.

Learn more at In , Bonds was not elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in his sixth of 10 years of eligibility. [15] [16] [17] Bonds served as the hitting coach for the Miami Marlins in , and was fired at the end of the season.

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