Pygmalion social class and doolittle

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Pygmalion social class and doolittle

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Written inPygmalion is set in the early 20th century, at the end of the Victorian period in England. Among other things, this period of history was characterized by a particularly rigid social hierarchy—but one that was beginning to decline as social mobility became increasingly possible. The wealthy, high-class characters of the play are thus especially concerned with maintaining class distinctions.

This means more than a mere distinction between rich and poor. The Eynsford Hill family, for example, is wealthy, but as Mrs.

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Eynsford Hill confesses to Mrs. Higgins not wealthy enough to go to many parties. And Higgins wants Eliza to marry not Freddy, but someone of an even higher class. Perhaps the most important way in which these distinctions of social class are enforced is through manners, unwritten codes of proper behavior.

And moreover, as Clara Eynsford Hill comments, there is nothing inherently better about one or another performance: This is also evidenced by the fact that different cultures have different notions of polite behavior.

Ironically, at several moments in the play, lower-class characters are better behaved than their supposedly well-mannered, upper-class counterparts. In Act Five, Pickering comments that Eliza played the part of a noble lady better than real noble ladies they encountered.

And Higgins, while somewhat upper-class, is very rude. Pearce must remind him to mind his manners in front of Eliza, and at the end of the play she has better manners than he does. There is thus no natural or inherent connection between social class and "correct" manners. Despite the rigidities of social class in the world of the play, Eliza and her father show the possibility of social mobility.

Not only is Eliza changed into a noble lady, but her father also inherits a sizable sum of money from the rich American Ezra Wannafeller.

Pygmalion social class and doolittle

As a counterexample to Victorian England, Wannafeller stands in for the American ideal of social mobility—that one can rise up the social ladder through hard work.

By giving money to Mr. Doolittle, he allows Doolittle to become middle class.Pygmalion (): Classic Shaw in classic film. Directed by Anthony Asquith/Leslie Howard With: Leslie Howard,Wendy Hiller Criterion Collection's digital transfer edition offers a first rate black-and-white picture that is a pleasure to watch (in as large a screen as possible), in the original aspect ratio Pygmalion Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on Pygmalion.

Alfred Doolittle, Eliza's father, appears with the sole purpose of getting money out of Higgins, having no paternal interest in his daughter's welfare. He sees himself as a member of the undeserving poor, and means to go on being undeserving.

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Transcript of Social Classes in Pygmalion and there Relation to Power and Money. Pickering didn't display alot of power through out Pygmalion even though he was rich and in the high class. Mr. Doolittle Mr. Doolittle Eliza's dad had a transformation in Pygmalion. He started off poor the same as Eliza.

Apr 19,  · Lauren Ambrose stars as a newly empowered flower girl in a gorgeous revival that transforms the classic musical into an ur-text for the #MeToo moment.

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