An introduction to the infamous black monday stock market crash of 1987

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An introduction to the infamous black monday stock market crash of 1987

Stocks — Part 1: I just finished an article in Money Magazine and reading this magazine is, in and of itself, enough to make me testy.

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This particular piece is an article on page 87 of the March edition interviewing Dr. There are a couple of impressive photos of Dr. Lo looking serious and imposing. First, in fairness to Dr. Lo, I have no quarrel with most of his ideas.

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Lo and I will have a few laughs over a cup of coffee on this. That means greater risk. So far so good. But most investors did not wait for the dust to settle. Correct premise, wrong conclusion. So what choice do I have instead?

Your best bet is to hold a variety of mutual funds that have relatively low fees and try to manage the volatility within a reasonable range. You should be diversified not just with stocks and bonds but across the entire spectrum of investment opportunities: Does the government have a role in preventing these crises?

OK wisdom, but is this news? Let me add, Dr. We can also agree that the typical investor is prone to panic and poor decision-making, especially when all the cable news gurus are lining up on window ledges.

We certainly agree that it is not possible to prevent financial crises. More are headed our way. So the question that matters is, how do we best deal with it?

All this to guarantee sub-par performance over time while offering the hope of increased security. I am reminded of the quote: Toughen up bucko and cure your bad behavior.AVA Investment Analytics (AVAIA) is the public markets division of Apex Venture Advisors, LLC.

AVAIA is overseen by Mike Stathis, our Chief Investment Strategist. AVAIA is a results-driven. In finance, Black Monday refers to Monday, October 19, , when stock markets around the world crashed. The crash began in Hong Kong and spread west to Europe, hitting the United States after other markets had already sustained significant declines.

An introduction to the infamous black monday stock market crash of 1987

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The May 6, , Flash Crash, also known as the Crash of , the Flash Crash or simply the Flash Crash, was a United States trillion-dollar stock market crash, which started at p.m. EDT and lasted for approximately 36 minutes.: 1 Stock indexes, such as the S&P , Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite, collapsed and rebounded very rapidly.

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